Become the NextJS 13 Ninja with these resources

Become the NextJS 13 Ninja with these resources

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NextJS has gradually become the default choice of frontend developers be it side projects or production-grade applications. Recently I was trying to learn NextJS 13, yeah couldn’t beat the FOMO, and lazy me didn’t want to learn through docs. And the law of attraction did work in my favor this time, came across these resources, thanks to Twitter and Youtube. If you’re the one trying to find some great resources other than docs here you go.

Dave Grays NextJS 13 playlist

I found Dave Gray's YouTube channel when I was trying to understand TypeScript, and I was having a hard time finding any helpful stuff. But what an amazing teacher he is, you would love his way of teaching too. So, if you're someone who likes learning from videos more than reading, you should really check his NextJS playlist.


This is the last thing you need to become a NextJS 13 ninja and built your next production-grade app. I myself have learned a lot from it be it regarding the best practices, the file structure and so much more. Based on the new app directory, it's an open-source project built by shadcn with all the features you need to get started like authentication, payment integration using stripe, docs, and blog using mdx and Contentlayer, ORM, and database. You say it, you have it. Yeah, it's written in typescript too.

Official Docs

How can we forget that? The NextJS docs are top-notch, super beginner friendly, and will be your go-to resource always.

So, were you also planning to learn NextJS 13, now you don’t have any reason to procrastinate. Let’s gooo! 🫡

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