Send Hanko Auth emails from your domain via Resend

Seamlessly send Hanko Auth emails from your domain with a custom SMTP server from Resend

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Hanko has made it incredibly simple to add authentication to your application and get started quickly. However, you may have noticed, currently, all emails are sent from

While this works perfectly initially, as your product grows, you might wanna send emails through your custom domain to enhance brand visibility and have full control over your emails. Hanko makes it super easy for you to do that through your custom SMTP server.

We'll be using the SMTP server provided by Resend for this purpose. Resend is a modern tool that makes it super easy to send and manage transactional emails. Additionally, it will enable you to monitor all your Hanko authentication emails and verify if they were actually sent.

So, let's get started.

Head over to Resend and create an account if you haven't yet. Navigate to Domains section in the right sidebar, click on 'Add domain', and add your domain and region.

Now you'll need to create an API key. Go to the API Keys section, click on 'Create API Key', and fill in the required details.

Navigate to resend SMTP page, you'll see all the details of your SMTP server here. You'll need to copy-paste these to Hanko.

Next, go to your Hanko project and navigate to 'Settings' in the sidebar. Click on 'SMTP' there and fill in the details.

Copy the host, port, and username from resend. Next, in the 'Password' section, enter the API key you got from Resend. In the 'Sender email address' section, put the email address you'll be sending emails from, and then hit 'Save'.

And there you go! Your emails are now ready to be sent from your custom domain :)

Check the Resend docs to know more about it.

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